Environmental Chemistry
Aquatic Ecology
Investigating the ecological effects of biocides on nearshore fishes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Assessing the impact of crude oil on seaweeds in the Pacific Ocean.

Documenting species reactions to impounding of mountain streams.
A representative list of Dr. Marrin's project work.
Tracking persistent man-made chemicals to identify the sources of river, aquifer, and coastal water pollution.

Pioneering the use of vapor-phase surveying to detect VOCs (e.g., fuels, solvents) and GHGs (methane, carbon dioxide) in groundwater.

Utilizing water footprints to estimate the effects of energy use, food preference and resource waste and on water quantity and quality.

Evaluating the potential for landfill vapors and leachate to impact aquifers underlying active solid waste facilities.

Critiquing the design and performance of in-situ remediation (e.g., vapor extraction, bioaugmentation, chemical oxidation) techniques.

Utilizing natural and anthropogenic tracers to evaluate the extent of submarine discharge from and seawater intrusion into coastal aquifers.

Locating sources (including recharge areas) and assessing the quality of mountain spring waters using isotope, ion and biochemical fingerprints.

Assessing the use of spatial and temporal patterns for understanding water quality dynamics and communicating scientific data to the public.